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The Ottolangui Dynasty of New Zealand

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As in other places around the world, many of the Ottolangui in NZ changed their names to Langley, for other than legal documents. The name Langley was originally Ottolangui.

The earliest record of Ottolangui family members using the name Langley is in London in the early 19th century in the records of the Central Criminal Court a.k.a. The Old Bailey, from 1817 when a witness, one Abraham Langley, a coach driver (possibly the forerunner of the family’s tradition of driving London’s black cabs) declared “My name is Abraham Langley, I go by that name, my right name is OtterLangley, but the English cannot pronounce it…..”

A little later, according to the Law Report published by the Times newspaper of London on 11th February 1823, the case of “The King vs Israel Langley” was heard the previous day in the Court of the King’s Bench. Israel Langley was Israel Ottolangui born Livorno, Italy in 1767 who arrived in London in 1776 with his father David and two sisters. Israel married Miriam Alevy and his youngest son, also named David, was transported for life to Van Diemen’s Land in 1830, founding the Tasmanian Langley family before emigrating to San Francisco and starting a new life, a new business and a new family there.

The stories of Israel Langley/Ottolangui and the appearances of other family members at London’s Central Criminal Court appear in the pages “Our Criminal Record” on this site.

Abraham Ottolangui (1843-1911)
married Katherine Dale (1855-1914) in 1880
their known children
* 1881 – Rayner Ottolangui
* 1882 – 1970 Aaron Abraham Ottolangui
* 1885 – Amelia Ottolangui

Albert Victor David Ottolangui (1887-1958)
born in Dunedin – died in Sydney
married Rose Jacobs from Victoria in Dunedin in 1912
Rose was a daughter of Samuel Jacobs & Katherine Solomon. Katherine Solomon was the daughter of Rachel Ottolangui and Lewis Solomon. Rachel Ottolangui and David Ottolangui were siblings
their known children
* 1912 – 1981 David Samuel Victor Ottolangui
* 1914 – 1914 Jacob Ottolangui (aged 2 days)
* 1915 – 1989 Katherine Agnes Ottolangui (died in Sydney)
* 1917 – 1983 Sylvia Ottolangui (died in Australia)
* 1920 – 1982 Marcus Louis Ottolangui (Doctor)
* 1925 – 1993 Valda Victoria Ottolangui (died in USA)

David Ottolangui (1846-1907)
born in London – died in Dunedin – See “Enter the Langley” and “The Family Business”
married Agnes Dossett from Tasmania, in Dunedin 18 March 1875
their known children
* born in Dunedin
* 1876 – 1946 Emma Rachel Ottolangui
* 1877 – 1963 Johanna Ottolangui
* 1878 – 1959 Maurice Gershon Ottolangui
* 1880 – 1899 Rayner Amelia Ottolangui (aged 18)
* 1882 – 1972 Ethel Sarah Ottolangui
* 1887 – 1958 Victor Albert David Ottolangui
* 1890 – 1980 Florence Mabel Ottolangui (twin)
* 1890 – 1976 Frances Lilian Ottolangui (twin)
* 1891 – 1915 Herbert Henry Walter Frederick Ottolangui
* LANGLEY, Herbert, Private 12/593A. 6th Company. Auckland Regiment, NZEF. Killed in action 25 April 1915. Son of Mrs A. Longley of Queen’s Drive, Musselburgh, Dunedin. 72. Lone Pine Memorial
* 1892 – 1989 Agnes Harriet Alice Ottolangui (born xmas day)
* 1894 – 1917 Jacob Joshua Ottolangui (served as John)
* LANGLEY, John, Private 23473. 13th Reinforcements, Otago Infantry Regiment, N.Z.E.F. 1st Battalion. Killed in action 17 Aug 1917, Ypres, Belgium. Youngest son of Agnes Langley of 85 Queen’s Drive, Musselburgh, Dunedin. J.3. Maple Leaf Cemetery
* 1904 – 1980 Rayna Amelia Ottolangui

David Samuel Victor Ottolangui (1912-1981)
* married Catherine Wildey
* married Violet Wildey in 1936

Gershon David Ottolangui (1900-1974)
married Jeanie McKinven in 1924

Maurice Gershon Ottolangui (1878-1959)
married Maude Marion Hayden in 1900
their known children
* 1900 – 1974 Gershon George David Ottolangui
* 1901 – 1972 Herbert Victor Ottolangui (never married)
* 1903 – 1988 Maurice Lloyd Ottolangui

Maurice Lloyd Ottolangui (1903-1988)
married Hella Kennedy in 1924
their known children
* 1926 – 2018 Reta Hella Ottolangui

Ottolangui NZ BRIDES
Agnes Harriet Alice Ottolangui (1892-1989)
married Robert Edward Alexander Wilkinson (1895-1960) in 1930

Emma Rachel Ottolangui (1876-1946)
married James Clark (1878-) in Invercargill in 1898
* divorced shortly after
Emma Rachel Ottolangui
married Percival Ernest Wall (1885-1965) from Geelong in 1912

Ethel Sarah Ottolangui (1882-1972)
born in Dunedin
married William Duke Gilmore in Auckland, 31 Dec 1909
their known children
* 1907 – 1986 William Cuthbert Gilmore
* 1912 – 1996 Raymond Alexander David Gilmore
* 1914 – 1915 William John Gilmore (aged 13 months)
* 1915 – 1993 Allan John Gilmore
* 1917 – 2010 Eric William Gilmore
* 1920 – 2000 Rona Frances Gilmore

Florence Mabel Ottolangui (1890-1980)
* Florence had a child in Wellington
* 1925 – 1997 William Herbert Ottolangui
William’s father died in WII. William was adopted by George & Rita Merrett. Florence never married

Frances Lillian Ottolangui (1890-1976)
married William Rogers (1888-1966) in 1922
their known children
* 1923 – 1999 Agnes Langley Rogers
* 1925 – Florence Melville Rogers

Johanna Ottolangui (1877-1963)
born Dunedin – died in Hastings
* Johanna had a child
…* 1899 – 1966 Ernest Sidney Ottolangui
* Johanna married Oliver Draught Tibeaudo (1879-1911) from Wagga Wagga, NSW in Dunedin 1904. He died in Sydney
* Johanna married Edgar Albert Sulzberger (1890-1918) from Tasmania in Balclutha 1913. He died in Dunedin
their known children
* 1915 – 1997 Agnes Lucy Sulzberger
* 1918 – 2000 Jacob Joshua Langley Sulzberger (WWII 38380)
* Johanna married Archibald Steele Dobbie (1876-1960) in 1926

Rayna Amelia Ottolangui
married Allan Joseph Campbell (1896-1978) from Melbourne in 1924
their known children
* 1925 – 1930 Ian Hatherly Campbell
* 1926 – 1995 Florence Patricia Helen Campbell
* 1930 – Allan Gershon Campbell

Headstone of Abraham Ottolangui
Block 4J. Plot 62 Southern Cemetery, Dunedin

Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Liz James, OAM.

Liz James’ connection to the Ottolangui family is through her husband Ron, who is descended from Abraham Joachim who was born about 1838 in Krotoschin, Posen, Prussia and Reyna Ottolangui was born in Spitalfields, London, daughter of 
Moses Ottolangui and Emma Bensabat.
Abraham and Reyna married on 10th June 1868 in East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, Australia.

On Australia Day in January 2021, Liz was awarded the Order of Australia for her work in genealogy and family history…this was the reaction of her daughter Lisa:

“My mum, Liz James, has been recognised with an OAM in the Australia Day awards.
Our family couldn’t be prouder.

Starting her genealogical journey over 20 years ago, we witnessed the walls in our family home change dramatically. Contemporary artwork was replaced with life-size family trees, until there were no free walls or cupboard-doors.

Instead of preparing family dinners, my mum chose to build family trees. It’s been busy and noble work.

By extensively researching our family history back over 1000 years, mum has discovered a multitude of cousins all over the globe- each with an interesting tale to tell.

Her work has filled missing gaps in personal histories for people who are keen to learn about the fate of their long-lost ancestors. Mum and the team at the AJHS and the AJGS have also helped hundreds of children with their School Roots projects.

Today’s award is lovely recognition for a life dedicated to volunteering and helping others.”

On 20th April 2021 Liz wrote:

An unforgettable day today as the Hon Linda Dessau AM the Governor of Victoria presented me with my OAM at Government House. So lucky that my family were with me for this very special ceremony.

Liz is the third person in the Australian Ottolangui dynasty to receive a national recognition after Elizabeth Langley who was awarded the Order of Canada for dedication to dance, and Deborah Conway who was awarded the Order of Australia for her contribution to music. Congratulations Ladies!!

Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Deborah Conway AM

Awarded the Order of Australia for her services
to Music

Deborah Ann Conway (born 8 August 1959) is a 6th generation descendant of David Ottolenghi through his grandson Moses Ottolangui and Emma Bensabat whose daughter Amelia Ottolangui (born around 1832 emigrated to Australia in July 1854 on the good ship “Ballarat” and married the widower Gershon Mendes in Melbourne

Deborah had a career whilst at university as a photographic model whose face and more was featured on billboards across the country, and as an actress with minor roles, but she is best known as a rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. She was a founding member of the 1980s rock band “Do-Re-Me” with their top 5 hit “Man Overboard” and won the ARIA Award for Best Female Artist at the 1992 awards. She later organised and performed on the Broad Festivals from 2005 to 2008 – show-casing contemporary Australian female artists. Between 1990 and 2019 she released 18 singles and 10 albums.

Deborah is married to guitarist and music collaborator Willy Zygier and they have 3 children

In 2020 Deborah was awared the Order of Australia which she described: “Today I received my Member of The Order of Australia (AM) from Governor Linda Dessau in a formal ceremony at Government House along with eleven other citizens being honoured and all our guests. The insignia is a heavy medallion of gold, beautiful & serious.

The Investiture was originally scheduled for March but like everything else this year the ceremony too became another casualty of the strange melting of days into one another where nothing happens that isn’t essential and every day is like the one before.

But today all that was history, the sun shone, the gardens were lush and we all greeted each other in our dressed up best, blinking into the glory of a Melbourne early summer morning.

Ushered into the blue ballroom in Government House where our photos were taken and then because of COVID, we each (with our families) had a private audience to receive our honour. Willy placed the medal on my lapel, we all had a chat with our warm and personable Governor, who wished us Mazel Tov for our wedding anniversary today; and then it was done. I haven’t been able to stop smiling all day, I had no idea it would make me this happy! (With unending gratitude to LJ Young) All the pomp is fun but beyond that, it is just so remarkable to be out celebrating with family, fizz and no masks to hide our broad smiles.

All congratulations to Deborah, another Ottolangui descendant to receive national honours this year…………

Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Elizabeth Langley CM

For reasons of privacy and the increasingly more stringent GDP regulations on data protection, I generally try to avoid publishing about living people, but this weekend I received some amazing news which I will share with you and to which am dedicating this page.

Elizabeth Langley a sixth generation descendant of David Ottolenghi, has recently been made a Member of the Order of Canada in recognition of her lifelong service to the world of dance. Most of her personal and professional life is already in the public domain on various websites, therefore I’m sure that she won’t mind my sharing this.

Elizabeth, known as Betty Marie as a child, was born in 1933 to David Ernest Ottolangui/Langley and Veronica née Smith. David Ernest was the fourth child of Gershon Ottolangui later known as George Henry Langley and Annie Sarah née Harvie. Gershon/George was the youngest son of Aaron Ottolangui and Reyna (née Bensabat). Aaron was the son of Israel Ottolenghi and grandson of David Ottolenghi of Livorno and London. Elizabeth is the younger sister of the late Australian political activist Joan Marie Eisma and niece of the late Aaron “Bert” Ottolangui who  as Trooper Mark Aaron Langley of the 1st Imperial Light Horse was killed in the Second Boer War in 1901 in the Transvaal, South Africa. The stories of Joan and Aaron “Bert” have previously been published on this site. 

Elizabeth, is a performer, choreographer, teacher, dramaturge (literary advisor, editor, arranger in the performing arts) creation & rehearsal director, designer of the BFA Contemporary Dance Degree course in the Contemporary Dance Department at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Elizabeth’s early dance education was at the Studio of Creative Dancing in Melbourne, inspired by her father who told her “If you can turn your passion into your profession, you will be the happiest person in the world.”

From 1960 to 1965 she lived in New York, where she trained in the Martha Graham technique at Graham’s studios on East 63rd Street, and was active in the rapidly developing modern and post-modern American dance scene. She then moved to Ottawa, Ontario where she had a number of jobs: opened a dress boutique, managed the famous Cafe Le Hibou, an Ottowa coffee house precursor to the Canadian National Arts Centre, where performers Josh White Jr., Odetta, James Cotton, and Bruce Cockburn headlined, teaching dance at the Strathmere Farm summer day camp in North Gower, Ontario. She taught a Movement for Actors course at the University of Ottawa in the autumn of 1975.

Among her students was Christopher House, today artistic director of the Toronto Dance Theater (TDT), who said about Elizabeth, “She always has a question that she’s grappling with. This means constantly setting challenges for yourself. There must be the feeling that there is something more. Step back and shake it up!”

In 1979, Elizabeth designed a university dance degree program at Concordia University, geared to training choreographers, as well as technique, became the first chair of the Department of Modern Dance, inaugurated in the 1980/81 academic year. It was renamed the Department of Contemporary Dance in 1987. She describes the development of the program as a key experience. Concentrated study allowed students to create their own choreographic work and teachers did not impose their own technique or develop their students’ work. Among her graduates from the program and achieved renown were Pierre-Paul Savoie – founder of PPS Danse and awarded the Prix de l’action culturelle de la ville de Montréal in 2015, Jeff Hall – dancer and choreographer recipient of the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, a Canada Council for the Arts award for dance professionals, Jacques Brochu – now contemporary dance instructor at Concordia U., Dr. Isabelle Choiniere, a PhD in Dance and Computer Technology studied at the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts, Plymouth University, Noam Gagnon – Certified Pilates and Franklin Instructor,  Associate Dance artist with the National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Artisitic Director of Vancouver dance company Vision Impure,  Florence Figols – contmporary dance tutor at Concordia U., publisher of Inscribing Dance: From Embodiement to Digital Media, Thea Patterson – dancer, choreographer and author, Sasha Kleinplatz – Artist in Residence at Concordia U., Andrew Tay – the new artisitic director at TDT and Ireni Stamou who is one of the Artists in Residence at Public Energy Performing Arts in Nogiwanong, Peterborough, Ontario.After studying in Amsterdam, at the School of New Dance Development, Elizabeth became involved with various projects for companies and solo artists in Canada, as assistant director for Maxine Heppner the dance and inter-medial creator, performer and educator known for foundation building and award-winning approaches to performance, studio consultant for Denise Fujiwara the Japanes-Canadian choreographer, dancer and teacher, and dramaturge for the Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre (SZDT) in Toronto. She sees the role of dramaturge as a “mentor, a person who helps a choreographer reach clarity about his or her choreographic expression by responding to the emerging work from the position of an informed ‘first spectator.’ She operates from a neutral position, in which the dramaturge attempts to leave no artistic imprint on the work.

In 1997, she received the Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, a Canada Council for the Arts award recognizing a dance professional’s exceptional contribution to the  Canadian world of dance.

At a theatre festival in Turkey, she met the Australian theatre director Paul Rainsford Towner, head of the troupe Chapel of Change. Together they created Elizabeth’s solo one hour multi-media performance, Journal of Peddle Dreams (2003). Inspired by the life and writing of Australian writer Eve Langley (no relation, as far as we know), the production directed by Towner, has been critically acclaimed as  “magnifique”. 

You can see an excerpt of Elizaboths 2003 work “Light Years” on Youtube at

Light Years – Elizabeth Langley

Elizabeth Langley – Light Years

I’m sure that you all join me in congratulating Elizabeth for this landmark recognition.

Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Trooper Aaron Langley 1881-1901

Aaron Ottolangui/Langley was the second child and first son of Gershon Ottolangui, known as George Henry Langley and Annie Harvie.
He was born in 1881 and around 1900 at the age of 19 he travelled to South Africa from where he sent this photograph home

On 7th November 1900 he writes home from Johannesburg saying:
“I have joined the Celebrated Irregular Calvary (sic) – The Imperial Light Horse and have seen a little fighting”. “I can earn 10 shillings a day because the Colonel is going to find all the Regiment a Billet”. “Address 1 Imp, B Squad, Imp Light Horse Depot, Johannesburg”.
…and on 11th November 1900 from an address in “Pothipotrooove, Johannesburg,
 “….. food rations – 1lb dry biscuits, 1lb fresh meat (hard as leather), 1lb tinned boiled beef, 1/2 lb of jam, 10 oz tea every second night, 1 oz coffee every second day, 1 oz salt for a week”.
The letters were signed “B. Langley”

The Imperial Light Horse was a regiment was raised by the British in Johannesburg on 21st September 1899. Its initial strength was 444 officers and men. The regiment was engaged throughout much of the war and fought its first battle at Elandslaagte on 21st October 1899, and later after the successful raising of the siege of Ladysmith, the Light Horse joined the Mafeking Relief Column and were the first to enter the town on the night of 16th – 17th  May 1900.

He appears on page 130 of the Nominal Roll of the Imperial Light Horse as 1011 Trooper Matthew Aaron Langley, and is noted as Killed in Action

In the records of the Second Boer War and Australian casualty records for that period, Trooper Matthew Aaron Langley is listed as having been killed in action at Naauwpoort in the Transvaal on 5th or 6th January 1901 in  serious fighting between government forces and Boer irregulars, and the fallen are commemorated in the Klerksdorp Old Cemetery in the Transvaal.
The record shows:
Langley,                 M A 
Originally from     Windsor, VIC.
Service Number:  1011
Rank:                     Trooper
Unit:                      SAMIF – 1st Imperial Light Horse
Service:                  South African Colonial Forces
Conflict:                South Africa, 1899-1902
Date of Death:      5/01/1901
Place of Death:    Naauwpoort
Cause of Death:   Killed in Action
Cemetery or Memorial Details:
Klerksdorp Cemetery (Transvaal).

On the Commemorative Roll of the Fallen he appears as,
Trooper Mathew Aaron Langley

Service number1011
Death Date05 January 1901
Death PlaceSouth Africa: Cape Colony, Colesberg Area, Naauwport
Final RankTrooper
ServiceSouth African Colonial Forces
Unit1st Imperial Light Horse
Conflict/OperationSouth Africa, 1899-1902 (Boer War)

Since Aaron had not served in an Australian contingent, he is apparently not commemorated by the Australian War Memorial Commission.

In the Melbourne Argus newspaper for Saturday 4th January 1902 in the “Family Notices” column there appears this “In Memoriam” announcement:

LANGLEY.—In loving memory of our dear son and brother Aaron Matthew (Bert), who was killed on active service at Naauwpoort, S. Africa, 5th January 1901

Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Descendants of Guershon Ottolangui

The Second & Third Generations

was born in 1886 in Australia.
He married Veronica Smith in 1921. She was born in 1896 and died in 1969 in Australia. David Ernest died in 1972
David Ernest and Veronica Smith had the following children:

JOAN MARIE OTTOLANGUI/LANGLEY was born on 5th November 1922 in Eisternwick, Victoria, Australia. She died 3rd May 2004. She became a well known public figure and activist. She married a number of times. See her obituary IN MEMORY OF JOAN in this website.

ROBERT ERNEST OTTOLANGUI was born in 1926 in Australia and died in 2003 in Clunes, Victoria, Australia

JOHN LEON OTTOLANGUI born in 1929 in Australia. He married ALICE.

ELIZABETH (BETTY) MARIE OTTOLANGUI born in 1933 in Australia, Choreographer and dance teacher, lives in Montreal, Canada.

David and daughters Elizabeth and Joan

RAYNOR PAULINE OTTOLANGUI/LANGLEY born 1889 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia. She married Roy Leo Murphy in 1923 in Victoria, Australia Roy Leo Murphy and Raynor Pauline Ottolangui had a son PETER MURPHY who was born about 1923 in Australia.

AMELIA (MILLIE) MARY OTTOLANGUI/LANGLEY was born in 1893 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia She married Noble James Bradley on 24th December 1934 in Manila. He was born in Indiana, USA. They had one child, John Hilton Bradley born 1936. Noble James Bradley was killed during the liberation of Manila in February 1945. Amelia lived in Australia for a period of time after the war and then emigrated to the US.

JOHN (JACK) JOSEPH OTTOLANGUI/LANGLEY was born in 1895 in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. He married Dorothy Thomas in 1936 in Australia. John (Jack) Joseph Ottolangui/Langley and Dorothy Thomas had a son JOHN MICHAEL LANGLEY was born in 1937 in Australia.

Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Descendants of Guershon Ottolangui

GUERSHON OTTOLANGUI, was born on 28th April 1854 in Whitechapel, London, England, he was the youngest son of Aaron Ottolangui and Reyna nee Bensabat ( His given name is in the Bevis Marks S&P congregation’s birth register spelled this way because in Hispanic languages the letter “u” makes the “G” hard as in Ottolangui)

He was known as: George Henry Langley after he changed his name legally in Australia.

He worked as a general dealer (bookmaker) and lived at Brighton Road, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria.

The Young and the Older Gershon

Gershon married Annie Mary Sarah Harvie, daughter of Thomas Harvie, on 21st November 1876 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was born in 1857 in Sydney, Australia.

Annie Langley Harvie and their Silver wedding announcement

Annie Mary Sarah Harvie appeared as Harvey on their son Lewis’s birth record.
She died in 1936 in Australia. Gershon died in 1937 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Gershon Ottolangui known as George Henry Langley and Annie Mary Sarah Harvie had seven children, the FIRST GENERATION of their descendants:

  1. EDITH ETHEL OTTOLANGUI born in 1873 in Australia. She died in 1933 in Australia.

2. AARON MATTHEW OTTOLANGUI, known as Bert Langley, was born in 1881 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Went to South Africa, joined the 1st Imperial Light Horse Regiment, fought and died in the Second Boer War

Aaron “Bert” in Africa

He died in action on 5th January 1901 in Naauwpoort, South Africa – the record states:

Name: Langley, M A    
Originally from Windsor, VIC.
Service Number: 1011
Rank: Trooper
Unit: SAMIF – 1st Imperial Light Horse
Service: South African Colonial Forces
Conflict: South Africa, 1899-1902
Date of Death: 05/01/1901
Place of Death: Naauwpoort, Transvaal.
Cause of Death: Killed in Action
Age at Death: 20
Cemetery/Memorial: Klerksdorp Cemetery

The Klerksdorp Memorial

3 LEWIS GEORGE OTTOLANGUI born in 1884 in Australia. He died in an accident in Western Australia in 1900’s.

4. DAVID ERNEST OTTOLANGUI born in 1886 in Australia.

David Ernest Ottolangui known as David Langley

David Ernest married Veronica Smith in 1921.
She was born in 1896. She died in 1969 in Australia.
He died in 1972 in Australia.

5. RAYNOR PAULINE OTTOLANGUI was born in 1890 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia. She married Roy Leo Murphy in 1923 in Victoria, Australia and she died in 1978 in Australia.

6. AMELIA (MILLIE) MARY OTTOLANGUI born in 1893 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia.

She married Noble James Bradley on 24 Dec 1934 in Manila. He was born in Indiana, USA., and died in 1945 in Manila.

7. JOHN (JACK) JOSEPH OTTOLANGUI born in 1895 in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

Jack Langley

He married Dorothy Thomas in 1936 in Australia.

Next up: The Second Generation
Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Killed in Action

Jacob Joshua Ottolangui
1894 – 1917
(Also Jacob or John Langley)

Jacob with his mother Agnes

JACOB JOSHUA OTTOLANGUI was born on 5th February 1894 in Dunedin, NZ, and died on 17th August 1917 in France. He was the 11th child of DAVID OTTOLANGUI and AGNES DOSSETT. Jacob joined the forces as John Langley.

He was serving at Romarin camp near Messines (Mesen) in Flanders and while he was on parade some enemy shells fell. Jacob was hit and died as he was being carried to the dressing station at about 10am. He is buried in the Maple Leaf Cemetery, Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belguim.
Maple Leaf Cemetery was begun in December 1914 by fighting units and field ambulances, but from July 1915 to April 1916, the village was occupied by the Advanced Dressing Station of the 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance and the cemetery thus acquired its present name. The last Commonwealth burial was made in December 1917, but German graves were added in April 1918 when the cemetery was in German hands.

From the New Zealand War Graves Project
Service Number:          23573
Name:                          John Langley
Rank:                           Private
Date of Birth:               Not known
Next of Kin:                 Mrs Agnes Langley (mother), 85 Queen Street, Musselburgh,
Dunedin, New Zealand
Date of Enlistment:     Not known
Civil Occupation:         Storeman
Armed Force:              Army
Unit:                             NZEF, Otago Regiment, 1 Battalion
Embarkation Body:     New Zealand Expeditionary Force
Embarkation Place:    Wellington, New Zealand
Embarkment Date:     27 May 1916
Transport:                    HMNZT 54 or HMNZT 55
Vessel:                         Willochra or Tofua
Destination:                  Plymouth or Devonport, England
Cause of Death:           Killed in action at Messines
Date of Death:              17 August 1917
Day of Death:               Friday
Age at Death:               22

Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

Missing in Action

Herbert Ottolangui 1891 – 1915

 Herbert Henry Walter Frederick Ottolangui 1891- 1915 (Also Langley) 9th child of DAVID OTTOLANGUI and AGNES DOSSETT, born on 7th November 1891 in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Served as a Private Herbert Langley, Army no. 12/593A in the 6th Company, Auckland Regiment, N.Z.E.F. Herbert was missing in action and presumed dead aged 24 on Sunday 25th April 1915

Herbert’s name is on the memorial at the Lone Pine Cemetery near Gallipoli in Turkey.  He is remembered there with 4,933 other casualties.

From New Zealand War Graves Project

Service Number:                    12/593A
Name:                                      Herbert Langley
Rank:                                       Private
Date of Birth:                          Not known
Next of Kin:                             Mrs A. Langley, Queen’s Drive,
Musselburgh, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Date of Enlistment:                Not known
Enlistment Address:              Queen’s Drive, Musselburgh, N.Z.
Armed Force:                           Army
Unit:                                         NZEF, Auckland Regiment, 6 Company
Embarkation Body:                 Main Body
Embarkation Place:                 Port Chalmers, New Zealand
Embarkment Date:                  16 October 1914
Transport:                                HMNZT 5 or HMNZT Vessel:                                     Ruapehu or Hawkes Bay
Destination:                             Suez, Egypt
Cause of Death:                       Killed in action
Date of Death:                          25 April 1915
Day of Death:                           Sunday.

Ottolangui UK Ottolangui-Langley OZ & NZ

The Shipwreck

Updated – New Photo

Jacob Ottolangui & Fanny nee Simmons

Photograph supplied by distant descendant Susan Wesley