Aaron Ottolangui 1810 – 1874

Loyal Knights of the Old Red Cushion Lodge
Presented to Mr Aaron Ottolangui by the members
of the above Lodge for his zeal and interest
displayed on behalf of its welfare.
Presented this 14th day of April 1867.

AARON OTTOLANGUI was born 6th June 1810 at St Catherine’s, London, England and died 23rd August 1874, at 25 Shepherd Street, Spitalfields, London, England. Burial: 25th August 1874, at the Novo Beth Haim Cemetery, London, England.
Son of ISRAEL OTTOLENGHIand MIRIAM (AMELIA) HALEVY. He married REYNA BENSABAT on 3rd April 1833 in London, England , daughter of JACOB BENSABAT and RACHAEL RODRIGUES. She was born 22nd January 1814 and died 26th October 1874 in London, England. Burial: 28th October 1874, at the Novo Beth Haim.