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Mary Ottolangui

Mary Ottolangui née Mary Sharp(e) born Maria Schaap

Mary married Aaron Ottolangui (1861-1936) twice. The first marriage was a civil one at the Whitechapel Registry Office in the East End of London in 1879. Although Aaron’s age is noted as 21 years, he was born in 1861 so actually he was 19 years old at the time. Mary is listed as 2 years his junior, but actually, she was two years older than Aaron, so may be that the registrar made a mistake.

Aaron & Mary’s Civil Marriage Certificate 31st May 1879

Five years later, Aaron and Mary had a Jewish ceremony at the Bevis Marks Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue in the city of London. We don’t know why it took them five years for the religious marriage, there are a few speculations, one might be that it took that long to verify Mary’s Jewish ancestry.

We knew that Mary was born in New York, USA around 1861 but we never knew much about her background, except that her father was Uda (Juda) Sharp, who was also known as George and her mother was Katie Levy, both Dutch American citizens. We always wondered how it came to be that the young American girl got to meet and marry Aaron in the East End of London and that became the focus of our research.

With the invaluable assistance of a Dutch lady genealogist, Meike Roukens we were able to piece together much of Mary’s family history.

“Maybe the original name was ‘Schaap’?” Meike  asked, because, “There was a Juda Schaap born in Rotterdam 4th January 1834, son of Abraham Jacob Schaap and Leentje van den Berg   The father and the witnesses were not allowed to sign the record because of the sabbath.”

This family tree was uncovered:

Juda had a twin brother Eliazer who died in his first year in 1835

Judah Schaap’s wife was Jetje Bossie, born Amsterdam 1st January 1840 . Jetie (in Dutch would be pronounced “Yatey”), a short hop to “Katie” – Aaron & Mary’s daughter Katie (Ottolangui Franks), was named after her.)

In 1859 Judah appears in the US Dutch Citizens Immigration Lists arriving on 31st December from London abord the SS American Eagle.

A daughter Maria, born 1861 in New York appears in the Population Registration of Rotterdam
From 1876 – 1879 the family lived in Rotterdam (their children were born in the U.S.A.)

In 1879 Judah moved back to the United States with wife Katie and children David, Esther and Deborah, but Maria didn’t travel back to the U.S.A. with her family– that was the year that she married Aaron Ottolangui in the Whitechapel Registry Office.  In the 1880 Federal Census they appear at 163 Varrick Street in the 5th Electoral District of New York

In Amsterdam, Meike found a Judic Bossie, daughter of Joseph (Levie) Bossie and Mijntje de Goede, born 30th December 1839.

Groom: Joseph Bossie Gender: Male Birthplace: Amsterdam Age: 24

Father of the groom: Levie Joseph Bossie Gender: Male

Mother of the groom: Judik Wolfs Gender: Female

Bride: Mijntje de Goede Gender: Female Birthplace: Amsterdam Age: 28 Occupation: werkster
Father of the bride: Jacob Levie de Goede Gender: Male Occupation: venter
Mother of the bride: Judic de Vries Gender: Female Occupation: ventster
Event: Marriage Date: Wednesday 30 September 1835 Event location: Amsterdam

Meike thinks that the family probably moved to London before 1849.  There was a Joseph and Amelia Levy with a daughter Catherine (born 1840) in the London 1851 census living in Freeman Street, in the Artillery Fields, Spitalfields 

In 1880 Joseph Bossie was living with the Goldfish family in New York next door to the family of Judah Sharp. Rachel Goldfish was a daughter of Joseph Bossie, born in England. She was married to Louis (Lucas Samuel) Goldfisch/Goudvis, born 3rd Decemberc 1843 in Amsterdam

Sharp/Scharpe/Schaap/Sheep   SCHAAP is pronounced SHAAHP so it’s easy to see how it came to be SHARP. In Dutch it means SHEEP so that explains the name SHEEP in the text below which at some stage, before it reached me, went through Google Translate  

The following details come from the website of Max van Dam The information is not complete .

Abraham Jacobs Sheep Also known as: Abraham Jacob Sheep, Source: Rotterdam Municipal Archives (weddings),born before 1803 Source: Rotterdam Municipal Archives (marriage),deceased 27th October 1858, at least 55 years,  Occupations: vendor (1853), source: Marriage certificate and Marriage supplements E , merchant (1858)  source: Marriage supplements E

Marriage / Relationship with Helene van den Berg

Born before 1803, source: Rotterdam City Archives (marriages), died after 27 October  1858, aged at least 55, source: Huwelijksbijlagen E

1`.        Jacob Sheep married to Esther Prins

Born 21st January 1823 (9 Shevat 5583) Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederland, source: Rotterdam City Archives (births), died 16th June 1882 (29 Sivan 5642) Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederland, 59 years source : Rotterdam City Archives (death)

2.         Catherine Sheep 1st marriage with Hartog Mozes de Haan ,

2nd marriage with Samson Pike

Born 4th December 1824 (13 Kislev 5585) Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands, Source: Rotterdam Municipal Archives (births)

3.         David Schaap married to Rachel van Straten

Born ± 1828 Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands (marriage David Schaap and Rachel van Straten Rotterdam 1905 / n18v) , Source: Rotterdam Municipal Archives (spouses)

4.         Isaac Sheep  married to Christina Wolf

Born 16th June 1837 (13 Sivan 5597) Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederland, source: Rotterdam City Archives (births) , died 3rd April 1916 (29 Adar II 5676) Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Nederland, 78 years old, source: Gezinskaart Rotterdam E , source: Rotterdam Stadsarchief (death) . Profession: merchant, source: Gezinskaart Rotterdam E

Jacob Abraham Schaap Marriage Banns

The grandparents of Juda married in Amsterdam in 1793, the grandfather Jacob Abraham Schaap already used the surname Schaap (even before 1811 when it became obligatory in most of Europe to adopt a family name)

This record of the banns of marriage says Jacob was 30 years old, Jew, living on the Stromarkt in the Putgang and was assisted by his father Abraham.

Jacob Abraham Schaap was buried on the Jewish Zeeburg cemetery 31st October 1808 (according the extract in the marriage supplements of his son Abraham) It appears on this page of the register of the Zeeburg Cemetery.

So, how was it that Mary and Aaron got to meet?  Our search of family legend revealed that Mary had come to London for eye-surgery at Moorfields Hospital. My father remembered that his grandmother was a tiny lady, who wore thick lensed eye-glasses and spoke with an American accent. Other members of the family recalled that they had heard that Mary came to London with her mother Katie, and the sea crossing from New York was so rough that Mary refused to go back to New York. This was not Mary’s first Atlantic crossing, she had sailed “across the pond” in both directions before.  Mary’s mother Catherine, Katie Levy, had lived in Spitalfields in the 1850’s and Aaron’s father’s family lived in the same area at that time, so could the families have been acquainted? Did Catherine and Mary visit Katie’s old neighbours, is that how Aaron and Mary met?

Mary, aleha hashalom, died on 30th March 1934 (Hebrew date 14th Nisan 5694) aged 76 at Laleham Buildings on the Boundary Estate in Bethnal Green. London E2 two years before her husband Aaron. She is buried at the S&P Cemetery, Hoop Lane Golders Green, London NW11 in row 38 plot #18 in her Hebrew name Miriam.

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Occasional genealogist and full-time Ottolangui family historian. 8th generation descendant of the 17th century Ottolenghi family of Livorno, born in London, graduated in Birmingham, lived around the United Kingdom, Israel, and in Rome, Italy. For a short while in Buenos Aires, and currently residing in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where I have been since 2005.

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