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The “Monty” Ottolanguis

MORDECAI OTTOLANGUI also known as Montague or Monty, was born 30th December 1845 at 28 Shepherd Street in Spitalfields, and died 4th December 1918 at the Hackney Infirmary, London. He was the 7th child of AARON OTTOLANGUI and RAYNA BENSABAT. He married HARRIET BEST in 1868 in London, England. 

The five children of Mordecai Ottolangui and Harriet Best, all were born in London and are one of the prolific London Ottolangui dynasties:

(1)           AARON (ALBERT) OTTOLANGUI, born 1869 and died 1925 in Lambeth. He married ISABELLA BARRETT about 1892. She was born about 1871 in the parish of St Luke’s, London..

(2)           MARTHA OTTOLANGUI (1870-1872)

(3)           AMELIA (MILLIE) OTTOLANGUI, (1873-1921) and married HENRY (HARRY) GREEN. They had 9 children .

(4)        DAVID CONRAD OTTOLANGUI was born 1875 and died in 1918.. He married JULIA BOSTLE in 1895 in Whitechapel, London.

Julia Bostle

David & Julia had 5 children all born in London: In the 1911 census they were all living at 106 Ely Terrace in Stepney. David’s occupation is described as “Fish Porter”

(1)    MARK MONTY born in St. George’s in the East in 1896 and died in 1993. In March 1924 he married Caroline Lina Lena Musaphia Kruyer (1899-1960)They had one daughter Barbara (1927-1945)
(2) ELEAZOR EDWARD born 1898 and died in 1981
In 1916 Eleazor joined the Lancashire Fusiliers in WW1
He married May Edith Lilian Jones (1898-1952) on 16th September 1918 at the Registry Office in Mile End Old Town,

Eleazor Edward & Edith May

They had 4 children
(i)     Irene May (1918–1985) She married Sidney A. Truman (1914-1954) in March 1938.

(ii)     David (1920–2000) He married Unknown in March 1946

(iii)    Martin (1922–1999)
Martin married Jane Somerville Clark (1923-1998) in June 1945. They had one son, Martin (1949-1996). Martin (senior) joined the Labour Party in 1945 and became a councillor, then alderman of the London Borough of Hackney and was elected mayor 1981-1982. He was made Freemanof Hackney in 1986.

(iv)    Moss M. (1934–1934)
May Edith died on 12thAugust 1952 and in 1954 Eleazor married Ann Buse (1906-1959)
In January September 1960 Eleazor married the American, Florence M. Fuller McPhail (1902-1998) in London and in 1965 they were living in California. Then in 1968 they were living in Agawam, Hampden, Massachusetts where Eleazor Edward Ottolangui died on 19th August 1981.

(3) HARRIET born 1899 and died in 1975. She married Robert William “Gibson” Drifful        (1892-1968) in 1919 and they had one daughter Milly (1922–1993)

(4)   RACHEL (1901-1965) She married Isaac Jack Shine(1900-1974) in Bethnal Green in 1920, they had 5 children

(5)    LILY(1912–2003) she married Alexander Nathan (1908-1993) in Poplar in 1935. She died in 2003 in Camden.

(6)      GEORGE MONTY Born 21st March 1877 in London, England and died 28th December 1930 at the Colindale Hospital, London, England.

He married ANNIE FRANCES WIGGETT in 1897 in Whitechapel, London, England. She was born 16th October 1879 and died 8th June 1935 in Stepney Green, East London, England. George Ottolangui and Annie Wiggett had 13 children, who were all born in London.

(i) Mordecai (Monty) Ottolangui, born 1898 and died 1989 married Fanny Caplin in March 1921. Their son, merchant navy Assistant Steward George (Gershom) Ottolangui perished when the SS Empire Heritage was torpedoed in 1943 off the north coast of Ireland (See his memorial page “The Last Voyage of Gershom Ottolangui.
(ii) Amelia ( Milly ) Ottolangui,  born 1899 married Bill Hodgson (1911-1994)in Poplar in 1937. They had 3 children.
(iii) Sarah Ottolangui, born in April 1900 and died in 1984. She married William Gilbert (Bill) Moore (1898-1961)in Stepney in 1920. They had 3 children

(iv) Aaron (Cockney) Ottolangui, born in 1902 and died in 1989. He married Sarah Sharatsky (1901-1995) in March 1926. They had 3 children George, Jack & Dennis.

(v) David Ottolangui, born 1905 and died about 1974. He married Betsy Israel (1912) in April 1936 and they had 4 children.

(vi) Henry ( Harry ) Ottolangui, born about 1908 and died in 1980. He married Kate Sarah Lily Abel (1911-1982) on 20th April 1932.  They had 4 children

(vii) Esther ( Hetty ) Ottolangui,  born 5th July 1910 died 2006 . She married Frederick Dodson (1905-1970) in Lambeth in 1935. They had 2 sons, George and Ronald.
(viii) George Ottolangui, born in 1913 died in 1949. He married Rosie Springer born 1917 in 1937. They had 3 children
(ix) Samuel Ottolangui, born 1914 died 1992 . He married Minnie (Shaw) Sharatsky (1917-1988) in 1947. They had 3 children.

(x) Marcus ( Marc ) Ottolangui, born 1916 and died 1993 married Connie Unknown. They had 3 children.

(xi) Jacob ( Jack ) Ottolangui,  born 1918 and died in 1996 married Kate Crevatitsky (otherwise Abrahams) born 1918 in 1939. They had 1 child.

(xii) Joey Ottolangui (1911-1946)

(xiii) Julie Ottolangui (1921-2008 Alberta Canada)  John Erais (1922-1986 Alberta Canada) in Poplar in 1944. They had 3 children.

(5)             RAINAH OTTOLANGUI, (1880-1885)

By bryanell2020

Occasional genealogist and full-time Ottolangui family historian. 8th generation descendant of the 17th century Ottolenghi family of Livorno, born in London, graduated in Birmingham, lived around the United Kingdom, Israel, and in Rome, Italy. For a short while in Buenos Aires, and currently residing in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where I have been since 2005.

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