Ottolangui UK

The London Generations

The eighth child of Menachem & Judica Ottolenghi was David.
He was born, like all his siblings in Livorno, on 4th October 1734 – this is a copy of his birth in the Livorno community register which is written in Portuguese

David’s entry in the register is third from the top

We know nothing of David’s life in Livorno, nor anything about his wife. According to the records in Livorno, they had 7 children together:

MENACHEM                    born 1763
JUDITH                              born 1765
ISRAEL                               born 1767
BATSEBA                           born 1769
SERENA                            born 1771
ISRAEL                              born 1774
SARAH (SERENA) born 1776

From the recurrence of the given names, it would appear that Israel born 1767 and Serena born 1771, had both died in infancy and their names were given to children born later.

According to the records of the Spanish & Portuguese Jewish Community of Bevis Marks, David Ottolenghi arrived in London in 1776 “…in the company of a young gentleman….” and three of his children:

JUDITH                             born 1765
ISRAEL                              born 1774 and
SARAH (SERENA)       born 1776

By 1803 David was living near the synagogue in Petticoat Lane (now Middlesex Street), having formerly lived in Woolpack Alley (now Cutler Street) just a very short walk from the synagogue…
David’s daughter JUDITH born Livorno, 1765, married JACOB VITTA MURGI , (son of SHABETAI MURGI deceased) on 24th October 1787 in Bevis Marks, Synagogue, London, England. He died in March 1834 and was buried 9th March 1834, in the Novo Cemetery, Mile End, London.
According to Bevis Marks Synagogue records, Judith Murgi was godmother on 25th July 1809 to Jacob Levy, son of Moses & Rosetta Levy. The godfather was Rabbi Raphael Meldola (born Livorno, 1754 –died London. 1st June 1828), the Haham – religious leader of the Spanish & Portuguese Congregation.
Children of    JUDITH OTTOLENGHI and JACOB MURGI MAZALTOB MURGI, born 1st September 1789 and died January 1803, buried 19thJanuary 1803, in the Novo Cemetery, Mile End, London.

BELLA MURGI, born 7th March 1793
According to Bevis Marks Synagogue records, Bella Murgi was godmother on 6th August1811 of Benjamin Baruh son of Mordecai Baruh & Sarah Ottolenghi (Judith’s sister). David Cohen was the godfather.

David’s youngest daughter SARAH SERENA b.1776, died December 1817 and was buried in grave no. 50-27, at the Novo Cemetery, Mile End.
She married twice:
(1) JUDAH ABENATAR on 3rd April 1795 in Bevis Marks Synagogue, London.  They had one child Bilah Abenatar born 1798 in London

(2) MORDECAI BARUH on 23rd February 1806 son of MASLIAH BARUH.  He was born 1788, and died 24 December 1817 in London.
Children of SARAH OTTOLENGHI and MORDECAI BARUH:     ESTHER BARUH, born London, England, married ISAAC RAMOS at the Bevis Marks  Synagogue, in 1831.
ROSA BARUH  born 4th July 1806, London, she married HYAM GOMES DA COSTA. He was born in 1806. They had 3 children MORDECAI GOMES DA COSTA, born 1837, London.
ESTHER GOMES DA COSTA, born 1839, London.
BENJAMIN GOMES DA COSTA, born 1844, London.

BENJAMIN BARUH (BARROW) born 30th July 1811, in London. He was a Quill Dresser, living at 7 Grove St, Commercial Road, when he married SARAH NUNES DA COSTA, daughter of GABRIEL NUNES DA COSTA.  She was born 1802 in Hamburg, Germany and died 8th February 1880. She is buried at the Novo Cemetery, Mile End. They had one daughter, SARANA, born 6th October 1840, at 2, Brown Street, Liverpool, England; died 1925, Manchester, England. Sarana was also spelled Selina and Serena. She married PROSPER MESSAUD ZICREE on 17 February 1864 at the Bevis Marks Synagogue, London, son of MORDECAI and DINAH ZICREE. He was born 1842 in Mogador, Morocco, and died 1924 in Manchester, England.

Prosper Zicree & Sarana circa 1860

Sarana and Prosper had 11 children:
MONTAGUE ZICREE, born 2nd April 1865, 33 Crown Street, Saint Giles, London; died 17th March 1940, U.S.A; married ANNIE RUTH ANDERSON, on 6th October 1886, at the Rodoph Sholom Congregation, New York, U.S.A
GABRIEL ZICREE, born 18th May 1866, London.
DINAH ZICREE, born 22nd January 1868, 33 Crown Street, St. Giles, London; died, 1951, California, U.S.A; she married HARRY GOLDBERG, on 30th April 1890, at 110 Waterloo Road, Cheetham, Manchester, England; he was born 7th August 1867 in Russia; died 17th September 1937, California, U.S.A.
SARAH SALLY ZICREE, born 21st December 1869, Boundary Road, St. Laurence, Ramsgate, Kent, England; died 24th April 1936, Manchester. BENJAMIN ZICREE, born 10th November 1871, at 11, Belmont Street, Ramsgate, Kent; married MADGE BOCK, born1873 on 22nd  March 1898 at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Cheetham, Manchester.
JOSEPH ZICREE, born 18th September 1873, Ramsgate, Kent; died 1935, in U.S.A; married ETHEL KLEMPNER.
ELEAZER ZICREE, born 2nd September 1875, at 39, Stocks Street, Cheetham, Manchester, England; died in December 1961, U.S.A, married MARCELLA LINGARD, on 15th August 1899, at the Registry Office, Prestwich, Manchester, She was born 28th August 1877, Manchester; died 15th February 1959, U.S.A.
REUBEN BARROW ZICREE, born 1st June 1877, 1, Broughton St., Cheetham, Manchester, England; died 1961, London. He married HILDA BERTHA LIGHTMAN in 1907 at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Manchester.  She was born 1886 in Leeds, and died 31st July 1967 in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (now Harari in Zimbabwe).
SIMEON ZICREE, born1879, London; died 1932; he married married LIBBIE born1887; died 1977, California, U.S.A.
HAROLD HAIM ZICREE, born1881, London; died 1961;
married (1) FLORENCE BARCLAY; died 1962, Manchester;
             (2) ROSE LESLIE.
PEARLE ZICREE, born18th October 1884, at 1 Broughton Street, Cheetham, Manchester; died 10th November 1968, Hotel De Mar, Illetas, Majorca, Spain. She married REUBEN GLASKIE on 24th July 1912 at the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Manchester, England.  He was born 17th May 1884 at 5 Johnson Street, Cheetham, Manchester, England, and died 27th July 1956 in Manchester, England.

David’s son ISRAEL OTTOLENGHI was born in 1774 in Livorno, Italy and died in September 1828 in London.   He married MIRIAM ALEVY on 31st October 1792 at the Bevis Marks Synagogue in London. She was the daughter of ABRAHAM ALEVY. Miriam, who was always known as Amelia, which was the name commonly used by Jewish women called Miriam at that time. Amelia died in November 1842 in London.

DAVID OTTOLANGUI, born 25th January 1793 and died April 1809. 
ABRAHAM OTTOLANGUI, born on 18th March 1794 and died May 1866.   He married:
(1) SARAH TOLEDANO on 26th September 1825 at Bevis Marks, She was born in 1790 and died 8th October 1842 .                             
(2)DEBRA MARTIN on 28th May 1847 at 24 Tenter Street, Whitechapel, London. She died in May 1876, London.
MENACHEM OTTOLANGUI, born 11th February 1798 in London, was always known as Emanuel.   He married BILHA/ISABELLA LEB 23rd July 1823 daughter of JUDAH LEB.
ELISHA OTTOLANGUI known as Alexander was born 1804 in Mile End, died 9th July 1860 and was buried at the Novo Beth Haim on the same day. He married BILHA/ELIZABETH LEB DE BEER on 31st August 1832. She was the daughter of Judah or Leib De Beer; Elizabeth’s mother’s surname was Belmonte; both families came to London from Amsterdam in the 1700s. She was born in Spitalfields, London, died in 1887 and was buried on the 27th Oct 1887 at the Novo. Elizabeth was a widow at the time of her marriage to Alexander having been previously married to Menachem Emanuel Levy or Halevy (Possibly a relative of Elisha/Alexander’s mother Miriam/Amelia Alevy.  Alexander and Elizabeth Ottolangui had no children, but Elizabeth had a daughter Sarah, from her previous marriage who was adopted by Alexander. Sarah Levy was born about 1828 in London, England and died in 1891 in Bethnal Green, London, England.  She married HENRY ABRAHAMS on the 10th August 1843 at 20 Shepherd Street, Spitalfields, London, as a member of the New Synagogue, London. In the 1841 census Sarah is residing at home with her mother Elizabeth, stepfather Alexander Ottolangui and Alexander’s mother Miriam Ottolangui (known as Amelia Langley).

By 1861 Sarah and children Alexander, Abraham, Anne and Louis are all living with Sarah’s mother Elizabeth at Shepherd Street, in Spitalfield Sarah’s stepfather Alexander Ottolangui is deceased; Sarah’s children John and Elias are not present. Sarah’s husband Henry Abrahams is also not there though she is still listed as married. All the children are listed as ‘Abrahams’ on this census.

ALEXANDER ABRAHAMS born on 3rd June 1844 at 21 Tenter St, Spitalfields, the son of SARAH LEVY and HENRY ABRAHAMS.  He was the Grandson of Bilha/Elizabeth Ottolangui (de Leb de Beer) and Emanuel LEVY and Step-Grandson of Elisha (Alexander) Ottolangui. He married    (1) SOPHIA DAVIS, daughter of Francis Henry Davis and
Mary Saltford. Sophia was born about 1846 near Bath, in the county of Somerset. Their children were :
FRANCIS JOHN LANGLEY  Born in 1869 in Bristol, England.
ELIZABETH MARY LANGLEY  Born 21st April 1872 at 2 James Place, Haggerston, London and died in 1935 at Chingford, London.  She is buried in the Mount Cemetery, Chingford, London.  She married Albert Newton on 21st July 1891 at Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England.
ABRAHAM  LANGLEY  Born in 1874 in Hackney, London, presumed also known as Albert G Langley.
(2) MARYANN UNKNOWN as shown on the 1881 census She was born 1846 in Spitalfields, London.

Alexander lived by the name of Alexander Ottolangui and Langley although his name was in fact Alexander Abrahams.  Alexander died on the 18th April 1900 from a fall down the stairs at 6, Kay Street, Haggerston, London, his death was registered as both Alexander Ottolangui and Alexander Abrahams.
SAMUEL OTTOLANGUI, born on 27th December 1805 in London, England and died 16th September 1897 at the Beth Holim (Home for Aged) in Mile End, London. He married BRINA (ELISHEBA/BETSY) LEVY on 21st January 1831 at the Bevis Marks Synagogue, London. She was born about 1807 and died on 3rd February 1890 in London, England.
MOSES OTTOLANGUI born on 22nd January 1808 at Rosemary Lane, Aldgate, London, and died 12th February 1885 in Melbourne, Australia. He married (JEMIMA) EMMA BENSABAT on 27th February 1831 in London, Emma was the daughter of JACOB BENSABAT and RACHAEL RODRIGUES. She was born in 1811 in Bishopsgate, London, and died 26th August 1898 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia.
Children of MOSES & EMMA OTTOLANGUI – All were born in Spitalfields, some clearly died in infancy or childhood, others later followed their parents to settle in Australia.
SARAH RAYNA OTTOLANGUI, died 29th December 1840 in Spitalfields.
AMELIA OTTOLANGUI born 16th June 1832 or 1833 in Spitalfields, and died 2nd February 1910 in Melbourne, Australia. Amelia married the widower Gershon Mendes on 20th December 1854 at the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, Australia, son of John Mendes and Charlotte Habilio He was born about 1825 in London, England, and died on 18th November 1901 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
JACOB JOHN OTTOLANGUI born 19th November 1834 in Spitalfields, and died 4th October 1894 in Fitzroy South Melbourne, Australia. Jacob married Fanny Simmons on 19th August 1857 in Holborn, London, England, daughter of Isaac Simmons and Rachel Solomons nee Goodman. She was born about 1837 in London and died in 1917 in Melbourne, Australia.
RACHEL OTTOLANGUI born 7th February 1837 in Spitalfields, and died 8th August 1928 in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia. Rachel married Lewis Solomon on 18th July 1859 in Melbourne, Australia, son of Moses Solomon and Catherine Woolf.  He was born about 1828 in London, and died on 9th August 1889 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia.
ISRAEL OTTOLANGUI born 19th June 1841 in Spitalfieldsand died on 17th February 1892 in Christchurch, New Zealand. His wife or partner whom he met before April 1868, was Mary Hannah Selt also known as Mary Ann Jones and/or Mary Ann Cooper – maiden name: Mary Ann Twomey.
REYNA OTTOLANGUI born 7th November 1843 in Spitalfields, and died 26th July 1911 in Melbourne, Australia. Reyna married Abraham Joachim on 10th June 1868 at the East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, Australia, son of Leib Joachim and Susan nee Seckel.  He was born about 1838 in Krotoschin, Prussia and died 4th October 1897 in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia.
DAVID OTTOLANGUI born 13th March 1846 at Shepherd St, Spitalfields, and died 21st November 1907 in Dunedin, New Zealand. David married Agnes Dossett on 18th March 1875 in Dunedin, New Zealand, daughter of Rowland Dossett and Johanna Anne Donellan/Donlan. She was born 16th February 1854 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, and died 1st December 1930 in Dunedin, New Zealand. JOSHUA OTTOLANGUI born 22nd July 1848 in Spitalfields, and died 13th August 1909 in Melbourne, Australia. Joshua first married his cousin Sarah Ottolangui, daughter of Aaron and Reyna nee Bensabat born 22nd February 1857 in Spitalfields, on 19th May 1880 in Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Australia. She died 19th May 1882 in Melbourne, Australia. He then married Matilda Levy on 22nd August 1883 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, daughter of Simeon and Mena Apertosky. She was born 1st April 1864, and died 1st November 1935 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
SARAH OTTOLANGUI Born 8th January 1852 in Spitalfields, and died 30th January 1854 in London.
HANNAH OTTOLANGUI born 8th April 1856 in Spitalfields, and died 18th August 1915 in Melbourne, Australia. Hannah married Alfred Summers on 30th July 1879 at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia, son of Charles Summers and Maria Johnson.  He was born about 1854 in London, and died 8th January 1917 in East Melbourne, Australia.

AARON OTTOLANGUI born 6th June 1810 at St Catherine’s, London, and died on 23rd August 1874 at 25 Shepherd Street, Spitalfields. He married REYNA BENSABAT, Emma’s sister on 3rd April 1833 in London, she was born on 22nd January 1814 and died 26th October 1874 in London.
NOTE: All these children were registered as ‘Ottolengui’.
RACHEL OTTOLANGUI was born 3 June 1833 in London. She married HENRY SIMMONS in London, England. He was born about 1833 in St Giles, London, he was a Grocer/Fruit and wine and spirits merchant and They moved to Australia and lived next door to the Hebrew Congregational School at 98 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Australia in 1861.  Rachel and Henry Simmons did not remain in Melbourne they returned to London after 1864.
ISRAEL OTTOLANGUI, born on the 28 February 1835 in Spitalfields. He married ELLEN DEWHURST on the 13th December 1858 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
JACOB OTTOLANGUI, born on the 24 April 1837 in Spitalfields, and died in 1840 in London. He was buried on 6th April 1840 at the Novo Beth Haim, London.
AMELIA (MIRIAM) OTTOLANGUI, born on the 20 June 1839 and died in November 1841 in London.
JACOB (JOHN) OTTOLANGUI, born on the 29 March 1841 in London, and died 15th January 1895 at the Prince Albert Hospital Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He met CLARA FRANCES BURGESS daughter of Joseph Burgess and Frances/Fanny Williamson. She was born in 1845 in Kent, England and died in 1874 in Chatswood, Victoria, Australia. He marriedLEAH MARGARET PHILLIPS on 8th March 1880 in Registry Office, Gore Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. She was born in 1855 in France and died in 1888 in East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
ABRAHAM (RICHARD) OTTOLANGUI, born 3rd February 1843 in London, and died on the 11 January 1911 in Dunedin, New Zealand. He married Katherine Dale on 30th December 1880 in Dunedin, New Zealand. She was born 1855 in Auckland, New Zealand.
MORDECHAI OTTOLANGUIborn 30th December 1845 in Spitalfields, and died 4th December 1918 at the Hackney Infirmary, England. He married HARRIET BEST in 1868 in London, England.
MIRIAM (AMELIA) OTTOLANGUI, born 2nd August 1847 in Spitalfields, She married DAVID ROMAIN on 26th February 1868 in Goodman’s Fields, Whitechapel, London, England. He was born 1845 in Houndsditch, London, England. They had no children.
ELIZA (Eleazar) OTTOLANGUI, born 6 September 1849 in London. (Spelt Eleazar on 1851 Census returns)
ZEBI OTTOLANGUI, born 29th August 1852 in London, England. May have been known as ‘Henry’.
GERSHON (GEORGE LANGLEY) OTTOLANGUI, born 28th April 1854 in Whitechapel, London, England and died in 1937 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He married ANNIE MARY SARAH HARVEY in 1876 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She was born in 1857 in Sydney, Australia, and died 1936.   Also known as: George Henry Langley and changed his name legally in Australia.
SARAH OTTOLANGUI born 22nd February 1857 in Spitalfields, London, England and died 19th May 1882 in Melbourne, Australia. She married her cousin, JOSHUA OTTOLANGUI son of MOSES OTTOLANGUI and EMMA BENSABAT, on 19th May 1880 in Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Australia. He was born 22nd July 1848 in Spitalfields, London, England and died on 13th August 1909 in East Melbourne, Australia.
EMMA OTTOLANGUI born 23rd July 1859 in London, England and died 21st May 1920 in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. She married ABRAHAM NATHAN on 6th August 1884 in the Great Synagogue, Dukes Place, London. He was born in 1858 in the parish of St George, Southwark, the son of John Nathan and Sarah nee Green. He died on 13th January 1938 in Melbourne, Australia.
DAVID OTTOLANGUI born on 27th October 1812 in London. In 1830 he was transported as a convict to Van Diemen’s Land, moved to San Francisco around 1850 and died there on 22nd July 1882.  He married
(1) PHILLIS SKINNER on 26th September 1836 in Hobart, Tasmania
Phillis died 6th January 1872 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
(2) ESTHER HARRIS. She was born December 1826 in England, moved to Australia and then to California where she died 26th August 1905.

ISRAEL OTTOLANGUI born 16th May 1814 in London. He married (1) ABIGAIL NUNES MARTINES on 22nd September 1839 at Bevis  Marks synagogue. She died 7th January 1855 in London.
(2) LEAH DE SOUZA on 17th December 1856 at Bevis Marks, the daughter of GABRIEL DE SOUZA. She was born in 1826 in Aldgate, London. ISRAEL died in August 1869 in London and was buried at the Novo. His remains were exhumed in 1973 together with all those buried before 1873 and transferred to a common grave at the Sephardi cemetery in Brentwood, Essex when part of the Novo was subject to a compulsory purchase and is now part of the campus of the Queen Mary University of London. LEAH died March 1890 in London.  She is buried at the Novo Beth Haim in MileEnd, London. Her grave was destroyed by German bombing in September 1941 and her remains were reburied in a multiple crypt in the centre of the memorial garden laid out in the form of a six-pointed star (Magen David) to mark the spot where the bombs fell.

ISRAEL OTTOLANGUI & LEAH DE SOUZA’s first born child Israel died in infancy and in 1861 their son, my great-grandfather AARON OTTOLANGUI was born.

AARON married MARY SHARP, born 1860 in New York USA as Maria Schaap to Dutch parents Juda/George Sharp/Schaap and Katrina/Catherine nee Levy. Together, Aaron and Mary Ottolangui had 11 children:
ISRAEL born 1880, Also known as Albert Edward Dunnell, Frederick Langley and other aliases. He died in Bristol around 1954.
JUDAH born 1882 died 1922 He married Annie Frances Harkman, they had no children.
ALEXANDER born 1884 married Norah nee Leah Nathan, they had 5 children
ABRAHAM born 1887 died 1936 He married Sophie nee Sophia Hart. The had five children
LEAH/Lily born 1889 died in 1944. She married Sammy Taubin and they had 2 children
DAVID born 1891 died 1948, he married Louisa, nee Leah Gates and they had 2 children
KATIE born 1893 married Isaac/Ikey Franks and they had 3 children
GEORGE born 1897 married Julia Garcia they had 10 children
ABIGAIL born 1899 married Sidney Fonseca and they had 3 children
MORDECHAI (Monty) born 1901 married (1) Sarah Garcia and they had 2 children. Married (2) Dina Oesterman/Lyons and they had one daughter
ANNIE born 1903 died 1917

By bryanell2020

Occasional genealogist and full-time Ottolangui family historian. 8th generation descendant of the 17th century Ottolenghi family of Livorno, born in London, graduated in Birmingham, lived around the United Kingdom, Israel, and in Rome, Italy. For a short while in Buenos Aires, and currently residing in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where I have been since 2005.

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