Ana (Annetta) Pugliese Ottolenghi

In perpetual memory

Anna (Annetta) Pugliese Ottolenghi 1872 – 1944

Date of birth: 26th May 1872
Place of birth: Venice, Italy
Date of death: Unknown – after 20th June1944
Widow of: General Vittorio Ottolenghi,
Daughter of: Giuseppe Pugliese, and Marianna Colorni

Anna (Annetta) Pugliese, was the daughter of Giuseppe Pugliese and Marianna Colorni.
She was born in Venice, Italy on 26th May 1872.
She married General Vittorio Ottolenghi.
She was arrested in Turin aged 72, on 5th May 1944
and detained in TURIN prison then sent to the FOSSOLI internment camp, from where she was deported on Transport #13 on 26th June 1944 to Auschwitz.
The train arrived at Auschwitz on 30th June 1944
She died sometime after arrival at Auschwitz – exact date of her death is unknown
According to her grandson, Franco Ottolenghi, during the occupation, Nonna Annetta had hidden in the village of Torre Pellice, at the home of the family of a faithful servant, until early May 1944 when she decided to visit Turin to see her marital home again.
It was during that visit that she was arrested on 5th May and remanded in Turin Prison, then sent to the Fossoli internment camp to await deportation. She was deported to Auschwitz-in Transport No. 13 on 26th June 1944 which arrived at Auschwitz on 30th June 1944.
The exact date of her death is unknown, but it is thought that she was murdered by the Nazis shortly after her arrival at the camp.
Annetta Ottolenghi was one of the approximately 8,600 Jews deported from Italy by the Nazi occupiers between September 1943 and May 1945, and one of the 7,600 that never returned.
Transport No. 13 which carried her to her fate, was the very last transport to leave the Fossoli camp.

Family memorabilia
The Book of Memory-Italian Jewish Deportees, 1943-1945, edition 2002 by Liliana Picciotto;
CDEC -Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea Centre of Documentation of Contemporary Jewish People
Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Jerusalem.

By bryanell2020

Occasional genealogist and full-time Ottolangui family historian. 8th generation descendant of the 17th century Ottolenghi family of Livorno, born in London, graduated in Birmingham, lived around the United Kingdom, Israel, and in Rome, Italy. For a short while in Buenos Aires, and currently residing in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where I have been since 2005.

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